Silicon Valley, Ep. 3.06: Erlich Spares No Expense in “Bachmanity Insanity”

“Bachmanity Insanity”
Written by Carson Mell
Directed by Eric Appel
Airs Sundays at 10pm on HBO

Silicon Valley is a reliably hilarious show and an astute critique of the excesses of corporate America and the tech industry. It’s also a sausage fest (much like the real Silicon Valley). The gender dynamics of the show have mostly been a forgivable offense during the show’s run. The toxic masculinity many of the characters is quite obviously parodying the male-dominated industry, and the few female characters tended to be smart, accomplished women in leadership roles. But at a certain point the lack of any real women on the show starts to seem less like a critique and more like an endorsement of that dynamic. The show has made its point about a lack of women in the tech industry many times; it’s time to move on. Silicon Valley will never have an even split of men and women, but it’s time for the show to start adding a bit of diversity to the ensemble and cast some women who aren’t austere executives. “Bachmanity Insanity” initially seems to be attempting to right the wrong, but quickly backtracks and jettisons the women it so briefly introduced.

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