Silicon Valley, Ep. 3.04: Richard Starts to Lead in “Maleant Data Systems Solutions”

Silicon Valley, Season 3, Episode 3: “Maleant Data Systems Solutions”
Written by Donick Cary
Directed by Charlie McDowell
Airs Sundays at 10pm on HBO

At the end of last week’s very funny but somewhat stuffed episode of Silicon Valley, Richard’s plan to circumvent Jack’s wishes had been discovered and he was in danger of being fired for his insubordination/fraud. This week, Richard retains some of his cunning in negotiations with Jack. Part of what makes Thomas Middleditch so funny as Richard is that he has resisted any kind of major character evolution. Richard never became a confident leader, and his position as CEO of Pied Piper was solely based on the fact that he created the product, not any kind of leadership skills. In “Maleant Data Systems Solutions,” Silicon Valley starts to present a version of Richard who’s actually capable of leading a company in a successful direction.

Rather than being fired, Richard suggests a compromise, which Jack reminds him is “the shared hypotenuse of the conjoined triangles of success.” Richard suggests that they work on the box, but do the bare minimum required; Jack will have to hire other engineers to help with it. As soon as the box is finished, they’ll be free to work on the platform as much as they want. It’s a good deal, as Jack gets his box, which was never required to be that impressive, and Pied Piper will still have its algorithm, potentially the most valuable part of the company.

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